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Bulstat: 175881824 ,
MOL: Emil Angelov Milkov, Sofia
E-mail: pkolimp@pluvane.com
Website : www.pluvane.com

Olymp National Sports Club is an association uniting volunteer athletes, coaches, fans and functionaries of water sports. The club founded in 2007, operates based on the national law,as well as on the Organization chart, the principles of the Olympic Charter, the requirements of the Bulgarian Swimming Federation, Bulgarian Triathlon Federation anf FINA . Members of the club can be physical and juridical persons who share the goals of the association and the means to achieve them, accept and implement the provisions of the statute.

Swimming, Triathlon, Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Horseback riding, Archery, Gymnastics and Cycling in all age categories.

1. Development of physical culture and sport, in particular the swimming sport in all its varieties.
2. To promote social integration and personal development of athletes, coaches, functionaries of all sports.
3. To create alternative employment for participants to avoid the impact of negative social phenomena.
4. To educate athletes in national pride, sports and high team spirit, respect and love for the sport.
5. Support of sports activities for citizens of all ages.
6. Joining the efforts of athletes, sport officials and sport lovers and a healthy lifestyle.
7. Discovering and nurturing sports talents.
8. Implementation of initiatives for the development and approval of the Bulgarian swimming.
9. Promoting the sports and particularly the swimming sport in all its varieties.
10. To Collaborate with the Bulgarian and International swimming sports federations .
11. Creating interest in sport and providing the conditions for practicing it for all ages.
12. Improving the athletes sport performance and promoting the free exchange of ideas and informations related to the sport.

1. Assists the sports activities of citizens of all age groups and organizes them in sporting activities.
2. Interacts with the State Agency of Youths and Sports, with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, other State authorities, public organizations, associations and foundations with similar goals and activities.
3. All coaches at the club are current or former athletes excelling in swimming, graduated from NSA Vasil Levski, Bulgaria with Swimming coach specialty.
4. Organizes schools and courses for training and competitions for all citizens of all ages.
5. Organizes and administrates sports competitions, tournaments and other sport events.
6. Builds and manages sports facilities.
7. Carry out training of athletes.
8. Trains coaches and develops educational and training process.
9. Organizes and conducts sports training.
10. Creates conditions for organizing, financing and implementation of certain activities to facilitate and promote sport practicing, particularly the swimming sport.
11. Promotes sporting achievements of the association through publications in the media.