Swimming emotions Club Olymp

We are in the pool at”Light” Sports Center in Sofia district “Musagenitsa”. It is 10 minutes before 5pm on Friday afternoon. 5pm is time scheduled for the training of the kids from the Sports Club Olymp. Nearly 15 minutes before it, however poolside already hanging 5-year-old swimmer Mitko. By the coach table sits His teacher Emil Milkov and his father. The boy is too eager to plunge into the water.

“Emo,shall I go there!?” He turns to his coach before noticing the reporter of Viasport.bg and inquired what was happening. Posing in front of our camera, and then curiosity about what is that which speaks his mentor (Note. Order. – Reporter recorder). It becomes even more interesting when He recognize our brochure of his teammates from the DFC Lions, which he played last winter with.
Mitko is the best swimmer in the littles group . To the pool took him his father, who previously worked at swimming complexes, but he was not a swimmer. “This is a sport that develops every part of the body and is less traumatic. I am glad that Mitko likes and progressing so quickly, even 10 months ago he did not like to look at the water . In truth, however, after some strenuous workouts often he use to declare that will not longer swim. But after he passes sleep at the next day he is ready to come back in the pool – shared his father. – Beside my work, “I know a lot of coaches, but like Emo are few, so I’m very happy that my son practicing with him,” added the parent.
Even after the first dip in the water really shows that the little boy has all the data and if could not succeed in swimming, at least there is no problem with it.
Mitko goes to kinder garden, but attends swimming training twice a week. In the summer, when he was in the village, also did not miss coming to classes. Again, two times in week he traveled with his grandfather nearly 35 km from Petkovo to Sofia to get another lesson from Emo.

Mitko partner in the exercises is Alex, who is half an year older than him. To train in Olymp, he even traveled from Novi Han , where he lives with his family and go to kindergarten. “We chose swimming because it is a very healthy sport and when Alex and we have been recommended as he is with poor posture and to avoid a distortion of the spine “, says his mother Marya Ognyanova. Before opening the pool “Musagenitsa” she took him elsewhere. There, however, the water was very cold and the child could not be relax.
The same problem is encountered the mother of Boris – other child in the group. They live by the Romanian Embassy in the capital and “Mladost” is away of them, but because of the warm pool and the swimming of their son, the family is ready to overcome the inconvenience. With Bobby swims his first cousin Biljana that in this workout is manifested as much executive and careful of it.

” The Children are good, I think we are progressing quickly, although some of them are not with me from the beginning,” said their coach Emil Milkov. He is the founder of Olymp, which is currently applying for membership in the Triathlon Federation, as swimming dues was beyond the club. Even in the summer he took its first athletes – four children, at the Aqvathlon State Championship (500 meters running, 100 meters swim 500 meters and still running) in Banya, where although they were smaller, they were presented with dignity.

“We want everything to us to be licensed. Our coaches are graduated in NSA coaching profile, some even have a master’s degree in high sports achievements in swimming. My advice to parents is, wherever you enroll your child to swim, necessarily under qualified coach, “said Milkov.

The club operates from two years ago and now works with 50 children from 4 to 15 years old. Except in “Musagenitsa” conducted training of “Iztok” and the pool of the hotel “Vitosha”. Everywhere children pay for training hours for a single visit to the pool. “It is profitable. I pay 8 Leva workout or 80 Leva about 10 times a month and I am happy, “said the mother of Boris – Vanya Koleva.

“Besides being a recreational sport, swimming learns hygiene, builds character, makes children more struggles in the good sense,” says Emil Milkov.

It is 6 pm. Starts training the olders (8-10 years). Gabi, Mitko, Kremena, Joanna and Vladimir longer attend school, but the first shift and they see fit to come for occupation. ” I leave themselves to do exercises and warm up. They have already learned the basic styles Crowl and Backstroke and now Explore Breaststroke, “said Emo.

The most “swimming” impression among children makes Mitko, who is doing very well and lengths, and exercises. He leads the column of 20 lengths that the little swimers had to swim in the 25-meter pool. Mitko (9 years old) is the son of former athlete – Mihail Mihaylov, but honestly says that running is not its best so far. To improve it for the upcoming summer, when he will participate in races, he asked his mother to take him half an hour later from the school,so Mitko can exercise running in the schoolyard. “Some kids only in his age would do that,” praising him his coach.

Most wayward in the group is Kremena which always wants to show the exercises, to be a leader, to be the best. Good Heart, as they define plump Vladi, who became the favorite of all at Aquathlon- Banya, nothing that he remained last. “At this age he can swim 70 lengths of the pool without stopping, which is amazing,” does not spare the praises his young mentor.” The competition involved Gabi too, who showed great zeal in the pool, when most in two years her sister also exercise” reveals more secrets of the “kitchen” Milkov.

“The beginning was really hard, but I went on track and things go well. I hope to find more quality children and participate with them in competitions, “does not hide his ambitions man- orchestra at Club Olymp Emil Milkov before given to work with children.