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National Sports Club OlImp

National Sports Club Olimp is an association, which unifies competitive athlethes, trainers, lovers and supporters of water sports, though, not only - this is an association with a distinct cul-ture and value system. It is a place where life-long virtues are being developed, precicely: respect, hard work ethics, tolerance, correctnes, teamwork, also patience - all virtues, which are funda-mental for the development and the future of your children.

What should we know when choosing a swimming coach?

4 major criteria for choosing a swimming coach.

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Sport for a healthy lifestyle, high sports mastery, and child-adolescent’s sport.

NSK Olimp - Belmeken, Bulgaria 2018

What children are being learnt to during the NSK Olimp organized sports camps.

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Our mission is to give additional value while assisting the kids, the adults, also the organizations, to expand and develop their performance skills, to complete their important goals while living a better life!


The vision of “NSK Olimp” is to be recognized as the leading swimming sports club in Bulgaria, developing world-grade swimmers, completing their maximum potential in a long-term perspective, using the most modern trends and environments for their training, raising the Bulgarian spirit, and creating a base for national pride.
National Competitions Medals
🥇 33 gold, 🥈 43 silver, 🥉26 bronze
🥇 418 gold, 🥈 326 silver, 🥉 318 bronze

News and Achievements

We worthily sent the passing 2022
130 children celebrate as one big family
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New state swimming championship national record
Alex Stoynov set a new national record
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Alex Stoynov will present Bulgaria at the European Youth Olympic Festival ( video )
Alex managed to fight for a place at the EYOF
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