All in Attitude!



With the very first appearance on the market in 1928 in Australia, SPEEDO demonstrates its focus on innovation. And to this day, with their help, the brand strives to follow its motto - TO BE THE BEST SWIMMING BRAND IN THE WORLD. Bold and brave in the conditions of world competition, but not for SPEEDO.

In 1994 SPEEDO created the first chlorine-resistant material ENDURANCE, and in 2000 began the development of a competitive swimming suit, using as the basis of its research and development the skin of one of the fastest and most feared predators on the planet - the shark:

1. FASTSKIN – at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. 13 out of 15 world records and 83% of all swimming medals have been won in SPEEDO's FASTSKIN swimsuits;

2. FASTSKIN FSII – the evolution of FASTSKIN, which reduces resistance by more than 4%. At the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Michael Phelps becomes the first swimmer to win 8 medals at One Olympic Game, so FASTSKIN FSII takes its rightful place in history;

3. FASTSKIN FS-PRO – the fastest and most powerful super light swimsuit on the market. With it, 21 world records have been improved in just 6 months.

4. LZR RACER – the fastest swimsuit in the world. Its creation has caused buzz all over the world, and the results of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games speak for themselves: 94% of all gold medals and 89% of all swimming medals were won by LZR RACER athletes.

Michael Phelps, who wears the SPEEDO LZR RACER, is the greatest Olympian of all time. He won an incredible 8 gold medals in Beijing, 7 of which were backed by improved world records.

Using its knowledge and experience, SPEEDO is the number 1 brand in the production of swimwear and swimming accessories. The brand offers a huge assortment and strives to satisfy all the wishes of its customers, from the beginner swimmer to the professional competitor on the hunt for the best swimsuit.


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