Swimming Styles

pluvane.com Freestyle Swimming
The freestyle, also known as the Australian freestyle, is generally considered the fastest swimming sophisticated style.
This is one of the two styles, in which performs rotation around the vertical axis of the body, like the other one is the backstroke style.
Unlike Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke, the Freestyle is not controlled by FINA (International Swimming Federation) and is practicing in the universal Freestyle competitions .
Backstroke, also sometimes called dorsal crawl, is one of the four swimming styles controlled by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the only controlled style that is swum on the back.
It has the advantage of easy breathing, but the disadvantage that the swimmer does not see where He was headed. Also this is the only racing style, which starts in the water . The Backstroke and the Freestyle are styles in which performs rotation around the vertical axis of the body.
pluvane.com Butterfly
Butterfly (dolphin) is a style that floats on the chest with two hands moving simultaneously.
The movement of the legs in butterfly developed separately and is known as “dolphin movement.”
While other styles like Breaststroke, Freestyle or Backstroke can be swum easier even for beginners, butterfly requires the application of very good technique. Many swimmers find it most difficult style.
Dolphin is the newest style in swimming competitions build up in 1934.
pluvane.com Breaststroke
Breaststroke swimming style floats on the chest. It is the most popular style of entertainment because of its stability and ability to keep the head above water at all the time.
In most swimming classes, beginners learn either Breaststroke or Freestyle first. In competitive swimming, however, It is considered one of the most difficult styles, which requires a better stamina compare with other styles.